Over the past six years, Sterling Silver Tours has assisted PBS in raising over $600,000 in funds for their stations.  It is our wish to assist even more stations seeking to use our product to fund raise and build their donor base. Would this work for your station? Here are some the answers to some frequently asked questions to help you decide.


Why choose a raffle or sweepstakes?

A raffle or sweepstakes within an engaged audience can offer a station a simple way to raise money. Being able to cross-promote the event while a TV show is airing will provide the greatest opportunity for selling raffle tickets. If you are able to use newspaper ads, radio and TV promos, in conjunction with a pledge drive, you will have a very successful raffle.

How much can a raffle make for a station?

One year stations made as little at $10,000 when Downton Abbey was not airing during a June pledge drive. Another larger station made $100,000 when promoting it while the previous season was in repeat (December) then during the new season as it coincided with their pledge drive. It was the right way to go and the model we suggest.

Does Sterling Silver Tours facilitate raffles for us?

No. Most stations have resources or have done raffles before so they are able to make them happen on their own. We will provide contact information for other stations that have been successful. SST also has a host of photos from past trips that we will happily supply for your campaign.

Custom trip

Why might we decide to do a custom trip instead?

Some stations have a tradition of offering trips to their viewers. Along with raffles, organizing a trip is a wonderful way to elevate your station's visibility. A customized trip does not require you to acquire the trip ahead of time as the raffle does. When you offer a trip to viewers, we give you a net rate for the package then allow you to add whatever (tax-exempt) donation on to it for the station. We build in incentive for station personal to attend along  with their members. Custom trips are a wonderful way to get to know current donors and to cultivate new ones. As there is a minimum and a maximum of people allowed on the trip, you know right up front how much you will be able to raise. Stations have added anywhere from $300 - $1000 to our net rate. Our main trips are England (The Queen’s Tour) and Tuscany.

What are your dates for travel?

We will work with you on the time of year you think is best for your members.

How do the logistics work for a custom trip?

There are two options. You can do the promotion and take the registrations/fees then send the fees for the trip minus your donation. Or, we can take the registrations/fees then send you a check after the trip is completed.  SST will send you all registration information.

How do we move forward? Do you help promote the trip?

We will ask for a small deposit. We customize the brochure for your station as well as giving you examples of what other stations have done. As far as promotion, stations tend to promote either with their higher donors and/or during the Masterpiece programming throughout the winter and spring.

When is the best time for have a raffle or trip in place?

We suggest whichever campaign you decide, that is run right before and during a series run.

Promotion should begin in Dec or Jan and run through until the trip is full or 120 days before the trip begins.