Do I have to travel with the group if I sign up with a station?

You may arrive or leave at anytime unless you purchase airfare with us, and then your dates will need to be available. Additional charges may apply if fares are different on other dates.

I have a friend/relative from another city that would like to join me. Is that possible?

Yes. There is an option of purchasing the land only price or buying it with air. Others are welcome to join you. You can either fly together on your own or your guest can join you out of your departure city.

If we do not buy the airfare, can we still buy transfers?

There is a charge of $55 each way per person for transfers if you have not purchased airfare. Simply supply us with your itinerary and we will book your airport transfers.

If I buy the air option, will I get miles for my travel?

If you have a frequent flier account with the carrier or alliance that we choose, it may be possible to earn mileage.

How much flexibility is there in the schedule?

There are so many great things to see and do that our days are quite full. You often have the option to opt-out of part of a day if you want, although you will have prepaid for all events. If there are days on the tour that you are less interested in, it is likely that you would be able to do your own exploring for the day. We ask that you advise us of any deviation.

How much walking will there be on the tour?

There will be days with light to moderate standing and walking. If you feel you need to opt out of an attraction because of current health, that is understandable.

How much luggage should I bring?

We highly recommend packing lightly, or bringing an additional overnight bag for shorter stops. Summer weather highly varies, so we do recommend bringing a variety of warmer and cooler clothes. And of course, we recommend leaving room in your luggage to bring back souvenirs!

Are tips included in the price?

Because we give stations the lowest net prices to assist in their fundraising, we do not include tips in the price but we will give you an option to buy a tips package before the trip begins.

What type of hotels are we staying in?

Hotels include properties like Hilton. All hotels are rated 4-stars or higher.

For The Queen’s Tour, we are at the same hotel in London at the beginning and end of our trip, will we be able to leave belongs at the hotel?

The St James Court will allow you to store your luggage until we return from Cornwall and Bath. Please confirm we are at the same hotel as not all England itineraires are the same.

I see that several meals are included, what if I have food issues?

Advise us ahead of time as how we can accommodate you with any special food needs. All of our vendors have options for those who need additional food choices.

For The Queen’s Tour, will I enjoy the trip I haven’t seen some of the shows?

Absolutely! The Queen’s Tour incorporates elements of many PBS shows, as well as British history and sights that everyone can appreciate. Of course, the more shows you have seen, the more you will be able to particularly appreciate. However, each site and town has a great deal that everyone can enjoy.

What is the transportation like?

Most of the transportation will be on a coach bus, with air conditioning and a sometimes a small restroom for emergencies. Many of the sightseeing locations involve quite a bit of walking, particularly on uneven surfaces. If you have mobility issues, you are more than welcome to come with the knowledge that there may be sights that you are unable to visit or will need special arrangement.

Is there tipping on this tour? If so, how is it figured?

If you feel your tour leader has done an exceptional job, we would suggest a standard tip for tour guide $3-$5 a day per official guide. Many of our guides are educators and would appreciate a tip if you feel it was deserved.

If I have questions or issues during the trip, who can I talk to?

We have several tour guides who are more than happy to answer any question and resolve any issue you may have. The guides can give you tips on ways to spend your downtime, how to manage transportation, where to eat, and anything else you need.

And the most important question...

For The Queen’s Tour, will we see any of the shows filming while we are there?

Poldark films starting in late August. We cannot assure you will see filming but we will do everything we can to find some sort of activity,